MINT gives you the top level training you need to take control of your learning, at your own pace.

Online Medspa Training


At MINT, we always ensure high course quality and low learning curve.

Running a successful clinic since 2001 has taught us the value of having a highly trained and educated team.  Everything we teach at MINT is based off of the success at AesthetiCare ( The majority of our MINT trainers are also providers at AesthetiCare, and are national trainers for many manufacturers, including Allergan.  If you are new to lasers or a new clinic opening, we would love to have you come to MINT for one-on-one training and consulting. And if you’re like our group, you’ll also love the option to go back and watch the treatment on video or pick up a new tip that you may have missed the first time.  MINT E-course offers just that!  Both our Business and Clinical Courses are built with the beginner to advanced in mind.  We teach all the settings, techniques and business decisions that are responsible for growing a small 3 person business to doing over $6 million in non-surgical aesthetics in 2018.

Hear from owner, Matt Taranto, why MINT E-course is for you!

Clinical Courses

BBL Photo Rejuvenation

4 Lessons

BBL is by far one of the most difficult procedures to master.  Settings can be tricky.  Let us show you how we get amazing results safely!

Halo Fractional Laser

4 Lessons

Halo is an extremly versatile technology.  Learn the techniques that took us years to develop!

diVa Vaginal Rejuvenation

6 Lessons

From Initial Consultation to Post Care, you will learn to offer the highest quality treatment to your patients.

Business Courses

The Perfect Consultation

1 Lesson

Learn step by step how to do the single most important thing you can do for your business!

Customer Service

2 Lessons

How would you treat each client if referrals were the only way to grow your business? In this course, we share the keys to Exceptional Customer Service.

Events: Big and Small

2 Lessons

Events drive our aesthetic practice! In this course, we cover how to host both large annual events and smaller monthly events.


3 Lessons

Whether your clinic is a start-up or existing practice, these tools will help you grow!

Month in Review

4 Lessons

Included in this course are videos of AesthetiCare's "dream team" made up of owner, Matt Taranto, office manager, Rick Dunn, and marketing director, Karen Naugle.